'Curious Pig' linocut, limited edition


  • Image of 'Curious Pig' linocut, limited edition

This 'Curious Pig' is the same pig which appears in Holy Pig, but without the background.

This Berkshire pig lives nearby on a small free range pig farm and I regularly say hello to her and her friends when I pass by on walks. They always excitedly rush up to have a good stare! On my last walk past, I took some photos of them, and made this lino print design from those photos.

I have done a limited edition of 10 of just the pig without her background, for those that might prefer the black and white image. Although this is an edition of 10, I have currently printed 4 of the edition and will update the shop until 10 is reached. I cannot print all 10 in one go due to limited space.

Your print will arrive carefully protected in cellophane with a backboard to support it. The size of the image itself is 19cm x 25cm, printed on A3, 80gsm acid-free Japanese Simili paper which is an off white/ivory colour, beautifully smooth and fairly fine, and also acid and chlorine-free 110gsm white, rougher, Gerstaecker Paper and being pH neutral offers excellent conservation over time. The artwork will be posted unmounted.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a handmade print and is not a digital reproduction. You are buying an original piece of artwork. As is the nature of handprinted artwork, there can be small slight variations between each print even though they are essentially the same, caused by varying pressure and ink application. You will a receive a print almost identical to that seen in the photo but not necessarily that exact print used for the photo (if that makes sense?)

Whilst every care is taken in photographing the artwork please be aware that colours can vary according to your monitor settings. All copyright remains with the artist.