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The sad folly of moths drawn to lights. Transverse Orientation. Does it reflect how our society follows the crowd without question and reason? Confusion. Glimmer of hope. Or a dance of light that goes back since time immemorial...

A series of prints about moths circling a lightbulb. Each one is totally unique in the placing and number of moths, style of lightbulb and colour of the light it emits, so essentially they are linocut monoprints rather than part of an edition.

As you can see in the photos, I have put a small number in the bottom right hand corner of each main photo, for ease of ordering the correct print. There is no difference in price.
The bold watermark that is visible in the images is not on the original physical linoprint that you will receive. I have been the unfortunate victim of this design being stolen and turned into a vector image and sold illegally. This has now been resolved, I hope, but I need to take preventative measures to avoid this happening again. So please be assured the copyright mark is only digital, not on the print itself.

Your print will arrive carefully protected in cellophane with a backboard to support it. The size of the image itself is printed on A3. I have used acid and chlorine-free 110gsm white, rougher, Gerstaecker Paper and being pH neutral offers excellent conservation over time. There is no mount supplied with this linoprint.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a handmade print and is not a digital reproduction. You are buying an original piece of artwork which has been handprinted.

Whilst every care is taken in photographing the artwork please be aware that colours can vary according to your monitor settings. All copyright remains with the artist.

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'Holy Goat' linocut
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'Murmuration' linocut
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